About Us

Nothing happens by accident. God is preparing you for Great things to your life.

Our Mission

"Business unit is to create fragrant environments of as many varieties as possible to suit as many tastes, and deliver highest quality of products making us synonymous to quality"

The History

Sandesh Agarbathi Co. was started off as a small cottage industry in 1970, in the city of Bangalore. Mr D.N.P. GUPTHA who is our founder is a man with a strong creative bend. He experimented endlessly and dabbled in creating newer fragrances, and pursued refining the aroma until the right strength is achieved.

He engaged a small group of neighbours to hand roll the incense sticks for him, after training them in the trade. He laid high emphasis on quality of the product, and promoted strict adherence to quality.

Since then, the quality of Sandesh incense sticks has gained popularity that has spread across the globe. Today, SAC maintains a bouquet of about 250 unique fragrances that are regarded as a must have lifestyle consumable around the globe. Our fragrance formulations are the regarded as some of the best in the industry.

Our Vission

  Our singular vision is to be No.1 exporter of incense and spread SAC fragrance to as many countries as possible. Sandesh invests heavily on its people and R&D and that has been one of the factor why its range of products are matchless. It has a team of highly experienced Perfumers, and a labor force that is highly skilled in hand rolling quality incense. Our production capacity also has been a reason as to why our customers wouldn’t look elsewhere. For decades, we have seen our stock movement and can anticipate demands. Therefore we have built redundancy of work force to meet extra demand when required.

  Currently there has been a formidable quantities of exports to countries like USA, UK, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Portugal, Mexico, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, West indies etc. in regular quantities. Now Sandesh is building a network of Business Associates and Distributors from various countries and invites interested organizations to become our business associates and reap good profits.

  The CEO Mr. Shoban Babu’s current agenda is to make available its products in every nook and corner of the globe, and be patronized by more customers.

  His never say die attitude has been a inspiration to the Moksh family. He has successfully transformed Moksh Agarbatti co from a family business to a professionally managed company. Today Moksh Agarbatti Co is managed by professionals in all departments. Mr.Anand is passionate and hands on in all the functions of the company, from product development to packaging, production to sales & marketing. SAC is a member of All India Agarbathi Manufacture Association and actively participates in incense manufacturers forums around the world.