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Unit is to create fragrant environments of as many varieties as possible to suit as many tastes, and deliver highest quality of products making us synonymous to quality is our missioin. SAC-Incense is the realization of a dream.

SAC incense sticks are loved worldwide, for its exclusive fragrances, an unmatched range to suit every mood, and highest quality manufacturing. A feast of exotic aromas for those who need something special to pamper their senses.

He engaged a small group of neighbours to hand roll the incense sticks for him, after training them in the trade. He laid high emphasis on quality of the product, and promoted strict adherence to quality.

Each stick is hand-rolled and lovingly packed in beautiful packages, and makes a very thoughtful gift. As for practitioners of aroma therapy, SAC is the destination for all your needs. Explore our product series and create a heavenly atmosphere around yourself.

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Pamper your sense with our SAC-Incense.

Global Presence

Our fragrances have been sought after in many countries around the globe. We are in the process of making SAC products available in all the countries and have already taken concrete steps towards fulfilling supply in all major countries.