"It is a work of joy that I have at hand, one which I do with full conviction and love. One that makes me proud. Spreading heavenly experiences and good taste gives me immence satisfaction, which has been the key driver for SAC's sucess"


Shoban Babu Managing Director & C.E.O. Sandesh Agarbathi Co. is currently headed by Mr. Shoban Babu. He holds the post of Managing director and C.E.O. He is actively involved in market research and strategy for SAC. His aptitude to understand the consumer well is what has driven SAC to its current stature in the market.

He has been the driving force even in the R&D lab, where his visionary and far thinking ability (considered risky when proposed) have taken wings and are established fragrances today.

A stickler to quality and time, Mr Shoban Babu has embraced IT for SACís global operations and manufacturing processes. He attributes IT as one of the factors influencing SACís inventory and Logistics successes.

He is a graduate from Bangalore University, and a Diploma holder of Computer Application and software development.